What the Pros Have to Say...

​Henrik Zetterberg

Detroit Red Wings Captain

Jeff Blashill

Red Wings Head Coach

Dylan Larkin
Detroit Red Wings

“Boother is one of the hardest working players I've ever played with or against. Each and every day he is in the weight room enjoying the process of working hard. There is no quit in him. Being able to make an NHL team after playing in Russia for two years shows his commitment to training the body and never giving up. I know the guys respect and listen to David whenever he talks training. And you should too!”

“Love Booth. David Booth has been a great person to have around, especially for some of the young players here,” Blashill said. “He brings a couple of things. He brings unreal day-to-day work ethic. Unreal. The hardest-working guy in the gym that maybe I’ve ever seen. And then also brings unreal perspective. He’s been in this league, he’s been a 30-goal scorer. He’s been out of this league and probably feels real lucky to be back in the league, and understands from perspective how special every day in the NHL is and is able to pass that on to our other players. So he’s been a great, great person to have in the locker room.”

“A true professional and leader. He set the example for me and all of the boys on what it takes to play in the NHL! I used to idolize him. I grew up wanting to follow in his path, it was really cool playing with him.”

Danny Dekeyser

Detroit Red Wings Defenseman

“It’s been really encouraging having David on the team this year. When things aren’t always going our way, you still see someone committed to the only thing he can control- his work ethic. He is in the weight room everyday improving his off ice conditioning. I can see why He has played so many years in the NHL. It has been good for us young guys to see someone who has been where we are and is still competing and not taking any day for granted. If you want to get the best available training and knowledge for any sport id say listen to David!”

Glen Carniege

Vancouver Canucks Skill Coach

Jonathan Toews' Personal Skill Coach

I was able to work with David for 3 years in Vancouver. Every single time there was an opportunity to do extra skill work, David would be there. It was impressive to see a professional at the top of his game always wanting to improve. I know David felt that if he wasn’t getting better he was either staying the same or getting worse. We focused on the importance of handling and protecting the puck, how to create time and space, and how to get a quick hard shot off. We accomplished so much in those 3 years. 

​Justin Abdelkader


Detroit Red Wings

“Obviously, I knew him in college a little bit,” Abdelkader said. “He works real hard. He’s a guy that commits himself off the ice. Whenever he’s gotten an opportunity to play, he’s played well. He keeps himself in good shape, keeps himself ready.”

Andy O'Brien

Pittsburgh Penguins Head of Player Development 

Currently trains: Crosby, McKinnon, Taveres, Skinner and 20 other NHL Superstars

Considered to be the most influential trainer to ever be in hockey.

I met David In the summer of 2005. I remember him being more muscular at his age than most pros. While most would think that was a good sign, i wanted to change davids mindset to become more athletic. We worked the first year switching his mentality and training style from weight lifting to athletic training. What a huge difference this made on davids performance. There was a direct translation from his off-ice training to his on ice performance. His speed increased, quickness increased, his awareness and stability improved. It was great having someone so committed to the off ice training and then seeing how much of a difference it made in his game.

​Mickey Redmond

2x Stanley Cup Winner with Montreal Canadians 

“If u look up the word ‘professionalism’ , you’ll see David Booth’s picture.”

Mike Kadar

Detroit Red Wings Trainer

I have had the pleasure of working with David over the past year with the Red Wings. David’s commitment to training is unparalleled in the sport today. The knowledge he has of the way the body moves makes training him engaging and educational. We are able to feed of off each other. The variety of movements and exercises he brings each day is something I’ve never witnessed before in my career. I would encourage any person pursuing any sport to lean on David to gain the upper hand verse the competition.